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Chandler, AZ Dental Technology

As the dental industry continues to evolve with new technologies, it has given Fountains Dental Care the opportunity for our professional dental team to look deeper into the mouth. With every routine dental check-up appointment, our dental team will do x-rays scans with our Cone Beam Technology here at Fountains Dental Care in Chandler.

The Cone Beam technology has the ability to move around your head and take x-ray scans where our dentists can correctly diagnose and also provide the best treatment for the patient. This technology is the most popular equipment used at millions of dental practices across the world. A ton of dental offices use the Cone Beam Technology to discover what is underneath the gumline along the mouth by doing a whole 360 x-ray scan.
Digital Imaging

Cone Beam Technology At Fountains Dental Care in Chandler

The Core Beam Technology 3D scanning has revolutionized dentistry by allowing dentists to see inside patients’ mouths with greater clarity than ever before. The cone beam scanner, which produces a three-dimensional image of your jaw and teeth in amazing detail; can be used for diagnosing dental issues like missing or malformed roots as well as planning treatments more effectively because they get an accurate representation right off the bat instead waiting around 3 days while traditional 2D scans take much longer! Cone Beams Scanners allow us not only to inspect all parts within reach but also provide interactive models so we are able to plan procedures easier through visualization. The Cone Beam Technology system produces an incredibly high-resolution, 3D image that accurately displays soft tissue and bone.

The Cone Beam Technology is a huge advancement in dentistry. Not only does it allow for more accurate planning of orthodontic treatment, evaluation of jaw joints, and teeth positioning but also helps identify any problems before they become serious enough to require surgery or another formative fix! With greater detail being offered by this new scanner system there will surely be an increased awareness about things such as tumors/cysts which can often time lead back to too late because patients don't notice them early enough when using a traditional x-ray machine. The traditional 2D x-rays take up to 40 seconds for each picture, but the Cone Beam Technology only requires 5 -10 images because its fan-shaped rays cover the greater surface area in less time allowing them exposure.
Detailed X-ray of teeth
Detailed Images
Cone Beam Technology
With our state-of-the-art CBCT machine, we can study your teeth in ways you never thought possible before. The cone-shaped beam projects X-rays that are stored safely on site and duplicated whenever needed by other dentists or if there is ever any risk of loss due to damage during transport. The information gathered from these scans provides an accurate representation not just of what's going on but also of how it will look after treatment has been completed which gives patients peace knowing exactly where they stand when dealing with potential dental issues.
Want to learn more about our CBCT 3D Scanner? Contact our Fountains Dental Care office in Chandler. Our dental team would be more than happy to provide information about the greatest technology at our dental practice.
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