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Emergency Dentist in Chandler, AZ

What if you have a dental emergency? Fountains Dental Care provides emergency dental care in Chandler when you need it. We understand how accidents can happen when you least expect them. In some cases, you may notice the feeling of pain if you have a cavity, broken tooth, or disease that you might be unaware of.

You put your trust into Fountains Dental Care when you have a dental emergency in Chandler, AZ. We have been serving the Chandler community for over 10 years and are here when you need it the most. Our experienced dental staff at Fountains is prepared for when any situation arises. We are Chandler's favorite dentist that you can call for your emergency dental issue.

Fountains Dental Care in Chandler handles emergency patients with care by getting you the treatment you need. We understand how in emergency patients may start panicking and waiting around for the perfect dentist with no availability, is not an option. Our professional team here at Fountains Dental Care will provide the utmost care to ensure you feel at ease when you walk through our doors.

Our Emergency Dental Services

Immediate root canals
Emergency crowns
Toothache diagnosis

What can Fountains Dental Care provide for emergency dental care in Chandler?

Our Fountains team is here to dedicate to our patients across Chandler with any dental issues that may occur unexpectedly. Injuries from an accident could happen anywhere at any time if your jaw had an impact. Our Fountains Dental Care team is ready to treat your dental emergency.

There could be a few dental emergencies you may need immediate care for, such as root canals, crowns, toothaches, or extractions. Pain is something that can make you feel uncomfortable to sleep with. If you are aware of root canals or cavities you may have, the pain could worsen over time if you don't receive treatment as soon as possible. For a baby tooth that would need to be extracted, you would have to come into the Fountains dental office for a minimally invasive procedure.

Once you come in for a dental emergency, our dentists examine what discomfort you are experiencing. No matter how massive or minor the dental emergency is, we always strive to give our patients the best immediate quality care. We also provide antibiotics, painkillers, and treatments that you may need. We work quickly with the pharmacy to prescribe any medications for pain relief or infections. Even if you call from home with our COVID-19 TeleDentistry, our dental team can quickly put an order in for you without you having to come into the dental office.

Our TeleDentistry is also a great way if you can't come into the office, we have a dental emergency video call with you while you are home. Our Fountains dental team is professionally experienced in properly examining your mouth virtually from anywhere. In emergencies, we understand how much time means to you, so we are here as the #1 Dental Emergency responders in Chandler, Arizona. We are only one call away from getting you treatment right away!

If you did have an accident that is beyond a dental emergency such as a major car accident, then please dial 911 to get treatment at the hospital first for any other body injuries. Fountains Dental Care is always here after you are treated at the hospital for more major body injuries for you to receive dental treatment in Chandler.

We don't want to keep you waiting! If you need immediate treatment for a dental emergency, give our Fountains Dental Care office a call immediately to get your dental issue resolved.

Timely Dental Care

Painkillers as needed
Toothache Treatment
Effective dental tools and techniques
At Fountains Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing high-quality dentistry with a personal touch to your entire family.
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