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Chandler, AZ General Dentistry

Fountains Dental Care offers a wide range of general dental services in Chandler, AZ that gives our patients a beautiful and healthy smile. Our dentists at Fountains have over 20 years of experience performing various dental examines and general dental procedures. We are an experienced dental practice that always wants to help all our patients with their dental goals. With new techniques always evolving, we want to provide our patients with the best quality dental care in Chandler.

General Dentist in Chandler

We provide general dental care for people as young as toddlers through elders. As a general dental practice in Chandler, Arizona, we want to ensure that you are comfortable when coming into Fountains Dental Care practice. After our Fountains dentists in Chandler have performed a proper examination, we will discuss with you all the S-ray scans and any issues we may have seen signs of. If there are any signs of decay or disease, we will discuss with you the treatment plans that will be best for you. Fountains Dental Care is here to be preventative and perform restorative procedures so that you can leave with a beautiful and healthy smile.

Chandler, Arizona General Dental Services

Endodontics (root canal)
Night guards
Oral Surgery
Pediatric Dental Care
Periodontal treatment

When Should I See My General Dentist in Chandler?

Generally, patients should visit their dentist at least every six months for a regular dental checkup. To ensure we are preventing any infections or diseases to come up over time, we would do an oral examination to check for any signs that may cause further issues in the future. You may be already experiencing toothaches or irritation around the gumline that could need immediate attention. A routine dental appointment is important to have scheduled every six months as we want our Fountains patients to feel confident with a healthy smile.

What Does A General Dentist in Chandler Check During a Routine Dental Appointment?

At your routine dental appointment with Fountains, our experienced dentists will use their professional dental tools to do an oral examination. We will also first take x-rays of your mouth and review them with you, this will help us give a better look underneath your teeth and jaw. If there are any issues that our dentists notice, we will discuss them with you and go over any treatment plans if needed. With every routine dental appointment, we generally perform a dental cleaning for our Fountains patients before they leave. Our dentist always gets deeper into your mouth and will clean around the teeth and close to the gum line to ensure you are preventing gum disease.

Reliable Dental Checkups

Dental exams
Dental hygiene

What Type of General Dentistry Services Do We Offer in Chandler, AZ?

The dental industry has grown over the years that have given Fountains Dental Care various techniques to help improve dental care for patients across Chandler. We have top-quality technology and techniques that are always evolving in dentistry. From fillings, dental implants, and bridges, to also cosmetic dentistry, Fountains dental team is ready to provide you with high-quality dentistry treatment. We have a professionally experienced dentistry team at Fountains that will educate patients who are experiencing issues to properly resolve them.

No patient should ever feel not confident and live with the feeling of discomfort with their smile. Seeing your dentist regularly will prevent any issues from worsening over time. Fountains Dental Care is here to ensure we are helping you prevent any oral health issues by examining your oral hygiene and the functionality of your mouth. We offer various general dentistry services to restore your teeth, gums, and tongue from any decay or disease.

If you have any questions or looking to schedule a dental appointment, give our Fountains Dental Care office a call today at 480-525-5260!
At Fountains Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing high-quality dentistry with a personal touch to your entire family.
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