White Fillings

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What is a White Filling?

White fillings, or dental composite, refers to tooth-colored resins your dentist can use to fill tooth cavities. This composite resin uses a blend of plastics and fillers such as silica and dimethylglyoxime to quite literally ‘bond’ with the tooth’s surface.

Why Should I Choose White Fillings?

White fillings are appealing, especially because they are the same color as the teeth and are therefore basically unnoticeable. Since a white filling attaches right to the tooth, patients with a broken tooth can receive a white filling to restore the tooth’s shape, which may not be an option with silver fillings. Request an appointment today to get a personalized treatment plan for white fillings!

Natural-Looking Results

White fillings are cosmetically pleasing. Composite resin is even used in a popular cosmetic dental procedure called dental bonding. White fillings can be shade-matched to blend in with the color of the surrounding tooth structure. The material is incredibly pliable before it is hardened, meaning that our Fountains Dental Care team can blend the fillings in with the adjacent tooth structure.

White Fillings in Chandler, AZ

As your local Chandler dentist, our goal is to help you achieve great oral hygiene while maintaining a confident white smile. White fillings are an affordable and effective dental treatment that can restore strength and structure to your tooth following injury or cavity treatment. Feel free to contact our office today and we will be more than happy to give you the best quality care in the Chandler area.

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